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About Namex Marketplace

When you join NaMeX we want to make sure that you, as a Consortium member, can have the greatest return from your investment in the resources that you have deployed to be present in our premises.

As the market evolves, we have always felt that being restricted to only offering peering services would not bring the most benefit to our community.

In time we realized that the absence of a neutral colocation facility in Rome was a critical shortcoming. Allowing our members to install their network equipment at NaMeX has made our location the most heavily infrastructured with dark fiber in Rome. The availability of network equipment has in turn led to using the NaMeX datacenter as the place to interconnect for more that just peering. We thus decided to make a technology move forward in this area as well.

In 2015 we installed a new Meet-Me Room and selected the MPO technology to interconnect the racks to the MMR. We have never lost focus on our core mission and in 2016 we have finished the migration of all ports to a brand new peering platform, in order to meet higher reliability and performance standards. We have now decided to take one more step in the direction of better supporting our members in their ability to easily exchange services that can rely on this new interconnect infrastructure.

To make this happen we are now allowing our members to make their commercial offers, for the products that can be delivered at NaMeX, available to all other members. The idea of a Marketplace is not new but we believe that only today that we have the right underlying infrastructure we would be able to support the level of service that exchanging business critical services requires.

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